the greater is a strategy consulting firm and a social enterprise
Doing different is core to who we are and what we do—from our business model to the services we offer, the culture we’re co-creating with our team members, and the impact we help make in communities across Canada.



we build great brands by helping them do good


to be an agency that provides agency, fighting for the greater good and building a model that does better for clients, employees, and society.


provide strategy consulting services to brands and marketers on a mission to be more purpose-driven



As a strategy consulting firm, we help brands and organizations be great and do good by developing winning business, brand and culture strategies rooted in purpose and social impact.

Because when brands and organizations lead with purpose, they outperform their competitors and support change that benefits everyone.

strategy consulting:

purpose discovery, communication & alignment

partnership strategy development

cause and social responsibility strategy development

portfolio planning, development & optimization

landscape & competitive analysis

goal setting & measurement planning

ideation and concept development

sprint-base problem solving


plan and host custom meetings to tackle a wide range of strategy needs (cross-functional alignment, decision-making, ideation, risk assessments, scenario planning, team-building)

experienced in design thinking techniques & relevant digital platforms

 the never before:

just ask us!


We have been intentional about our language choices to describe our work. We are also aware that there are a multitude of terms, and arguments for and against their use, to describe efforts to advance equity and work towards social justice, as well as the folks these efforts must centre on.

In these choices, we recognize that as language evolves and we must evolve along with it. This means that the terms we use now will likely change over time. We also recognize that language is powerful and has the ability to be supportive and harmful, and that the same words / phrases can be experienced differently.

We are committed to being inclusive and avoiding harm in all aspects of our work, including our language. And while this commitment is important, we recognize we may make mistakes that we need to hold ourselves accountable to learning from.

We strive to avoid using harmful language and learn from instances where we have. We are always open to receiving and actioning feedback from our staff, clients, partners and the community (please contact us below!), because we are committed to doing different as an organization, including why we say something, what we say and how we say it.